The Prince or the Frog

I strongly believe that culture and society shape your beliefs as adults. We take a lot from our experiences as children into our adult lives. Growing up I believed that I would graduate high school, go to college, get married, have three kids, a dog and a house in the suburbs. My father met my mom, she got pregnant with me and three years later got pregnant with my brother. My mom refused to have another child out of wedlock, so my dad did the honorable thing and married her before my brother was born. My mother worked for a successful financial company and my dad worked nights at UPS. I often reflect back to my childhood and I can definitely see where I got a lot of my beliefs from. Unfortunately life doesn’t always turn out the way you plan. I attended college, took a year off and moved to Florida, came back to NY after two years and a couple of years later had my first daughter. The relationship didn’t work out, met someone else and a couple more years later had my second daughter. Fast forward four years later and I am married to my youngest daughter’s father and working on finishing my degree and getting my first house. In discussing relationships with my friends and coworkers, I’ve come to realize that in my opinion there’s no such thing as a Prince. He may start off as a Prince but eventually he will turn into a frog. I think that as women we idolize fairy tales and we create a fantasy of what our husband or mate should be. But the reality is that ideology only exists in our heads. Now in no way am I saying that there are no good men, I’m merely saying that he may be a Frog and either you choose to work with what you have or you keep searching. I am definitely willing to work with a frog and build then try my luck with a Faux Prince who attempts to fill my head with the fairy tale lines. Why cant men just be who they say they are? Or better yet have your actions match your words? If you wanna be a Hoe, be a Hoe. I’d much rather know the truth and use that to make an informed decision about whether of not I want to stick around. In these days and times it just makes more sense to be honest. With social media and spyware, it’s so much easier to find out what your mate is doing. Nine times out of ten he/she already knows the truth, so why not lay your cards on the table and see where it lands. Your mate may surprise you. ***Disclaimer…These posts are things that I’ve discussed with different people and thought I would present it to you** Please feel free to comment and share your thoughts. Excuse any improper text or misspellings, no time to proofread

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