The Other Woman



How do you let go of someone who is apart of you? When they pass away you are forced to, but in all honesty you never truly let go. What happens when that someone is alive. They’re a walking version of what you hope for in the future. You envision the two of you together. You daydream about waking up to him, cooking for him, waiting at home for him to walk thru the door after a hard day at work….What happens when all you want is only in your head and can not come true? Well that’s how it feels to be the other woman. You want whats not yours. You are borrowing time with a man who is already giving time to someone else.

Too many women are in relationships with men who are taken. Why is this so common? Most men say that they are bored in their current relationships or another reason is that the love has faded and they are just there for the kids. Whatever the reason that you are stepping out on your relationship, it’s still cheating. I just don’t get why it’s so hard for people to be open, honest and communicate. If you’re uncertain how communication works, allow me to enlighten you….

If you are having issues or you are unhappy, let your partner know. Let me say it again. If you are unhappy, let your partner know. Not everything can be worked out, but at least you both know where you two stand. Maybe you can come to some kind of compromise that works for your relationship.

And what about the other woman? Some may ask how can she be content in a situation where she is sharing a man. Well, I’ve heard that as long as the man is spending time, paying bills and sexually satisfying they will remain in the relationship. There’s so many things that can be said about both parties, but to each is own. I try not to judge others based on their choices. But what I will say is honesty is the best policy. I think we would all be better off if we just sat down and  just had an open conversation. It’s better to know what your partner is thinking vs thinking you guys are perfect and getting blindsided later on.


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