Life of a Young Black Widow


Sooooo it’s been ten months since my husband passed away. I’ve been recently toying around with the idea of dating. I’ve gone out on a couple of dates and I decided to write about it. I always tend to meet some very interesting men. And by interesting I mean weird. I’m starting to believe that I am a weirdo magnet. Now every guy that I meet is not weird, but the ones that I’m usually interested in are. I have no idea what I say or do to attract the same type of guy. I am very open and honest with everyone that I date, because I need them to understand what my needs and wants are. I am just getting to a place where I feel that I am ready to go out and enjoy the company of the opposite sex. I explain that I am interested in dating, but I would like to take things slow. Once I say that they usually agree.

Somewhere after the second date they ask am I seeing anyone else and say that they would like to take it to the next level. They then say that they are ready to be serious and would prefer that I did not date anyone else. Like wait, hold up there buddy!! Didn’t we talk about this during date #1? That’s when I get accused of not being ready to move on or playing with their feelings. I usually sit there looking confused because I just can’t understand why we are even having this conversation. When I talk to my friends they say that this is not normal and guys usually don’t confess their undying love after the first date. If that’s the case why do I always meet these kind of guys?


The next kind of weird guy I meet is the “Perv”. The “Perv” has great conversations and says all the right things. Most recently the “Perv” sent me a video of him masturbating. Now I swear that all I ever discussed with this man was me going out on a date with him. Again I have to consult my friends and ask is this normal? If I can’t date without being pressured into a relationship or receiving videos of men with taco meat jerking off, then maybe I’m not ready to date.

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