F&*% Me Senseless

You ever deal with a dude that you know is completely wrong for you, but he does and says everything right. The kind of dude that his smile melts your insides and leaves your panties wet. His deep raspy voice makes you shiver ever time he speaks. Words just smoothly flow out his mouth like they were meant just for your ears. All the red flags are there and everything in you is telling you to run, but you can’t. You won’t, because he done laid that pipe so good that you refuse to see anything but rainbows and unicorns. I mean this dude will promise you the world as long as you stick by him and by stick by him, he means put up with his 3 baby mamas, his crazy ex and the numerous women he dealing with. He wants you to be his go to whenever he wants t0 unload or he wants you to stroke his ego. The most intelligent woman is no match for this smoove talking dude. When he looks as you, you can see the lust in his eyes. It’s like he’s looking through you. He’s planning out all the things he wants to do to you as he runs his tongue along the top row of his teeth. You are more than happy and willing to oblige with whatever happens next. It’s just something about the way he touches you and whispers in your ear, while he’s slowly stroking your senses away. His spell has you helpless and you find yourself promising him you will always be there. You ignore all the situations that you would normally turn other dudes down for. All your friends like him because they see you floating around, but they tell you to be careful. They know that you’re under his spell. They know that he f&*%ed you senseless and it’s up to you to walk away. But how do you walk away from 6 ft 4 inches of smoove? How do you ignore that perfect smile and those soft ass lips? How do you make your body not want to feel his on top of yours all the damn time? Did I mention that in the short time that you’ve known him, he knows your body better than you do. He makes sure he leaves you satisfied every time. 3 round minimum is his motto. Gurl my advice would be to enjoy the ride. It’s okay to get caught up, sometimes we need a little escape. Just make sure this smoove dude don’t f%*& all your senses away.




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