Women have needs too

“I’d say in a relationship 50 percent of the time I initiate sex, and then 50 percent we don’t have it,” she announces. Recalling her mother’s telling her that men wanted only one thing, she looks expectantly around the stage and says: “O.K. And then I waited. Am I on the wrong street?” Amy Schumer, Comedian

Growing up I always believed that men wanted sex more than women. I lost my virginity in my teenage years and I knew at that point that I liked sex. I actually liked it a lot. I was just as interested in having it as my male partners. However I hid the fact that I enjoyed sex because I didn’t want to be labeled as a slut or fast. Men claim that they want a woman who likes sex but in actuality if you express an interest in sex he may get turned off because either he’s afraid to disappoint you or he’s just not on your level as far as experience.

I’m here to dispel the myth that men like sex more than women. Talking with my girlfriends I realized that somehow the tides have turned and women have become the aggressors. We are like Amy Schumer, wondering where did the sex craved men go? I have a friend who is single but having sexual relations with 2 men. Most would ask why is she intimate with more than one man and her response is simple….She’s not getting enough sex. One of the guys she has sex with once a month and the other maybe once every week and a half. She’s in her mid 30’s, no children, great career and has an active social life. The guys that she is dating are also in their 30’s, they have children and are career men. Why is it that she’s not getting the sex as often as she needs? When I asked my male friends they say that once a week is average and anymore than that the woman may get attached. **Blank stare** And I think that they are serious. They truly believe that if they have sex more often with the same woman, she may ultimately want a relationship. Now this may be true for some women because I believe that when a woman and man have sex their spirits intertwine and they become connected. This connection may be more stronger in some than others. But I doubt that they are not having more sex because of the fear of a “clinger”. I call B.S. I think that some men are just not able to have sex as often as us women may need.

And of course I have an opinion on why we (women) want more sex. We want more sex because MANY of us are not being satisfied sexually. Too many women are having orgasm-less sex. Yes I said orgasm-less!! There are women walking away wet and unsatisfied. Men please understand if you are not sure whether or not she had an orgasm and you have to ask….**just do yourself a favor and stop right there** When a woman is experiencing an orgasm it is a beautiful thing. Her heart beats faster, her body temperature rises, her breathing slows down, her whole body trembles, her vagina gushes like a fountain and her moan sounds like the sweetest song you’ve ever heard. If you have not experienced this, than I feel sorry for you. Sex should be enjoyable for both partners. If you are having sex your mission is to mutually please each other and have simultaneous orgasms. Now this may not always happen, but you should have fun trying. In the very least, you both should at least climax once during intercourse. I have a friend that cums at least 5 times during sex. She is my hero. LOL

Please men, next time your “friend with benefits” hits you up and asks for sex and you just had sex recently, it maybe because she didn’t have that “Big O”. Ladies please speak up and let him know that you didn’t cum. Don’t lie to spare his feelings. You’re depriving yourself of a good nut and you’re ruining him for other women. I hate having to be the one to bust their bubbles. If I’m not enjoying it, I’m going to let you know!!

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