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calendar girl

If you follow Steve Harvey’s Act Like a Lady, Think like a Man and follow the 3 month rule does that guarantee that the guy will respect you more than if you gave it up on the first night? I’ve had this conversation multiple times with male and female friends and we always end up in heated debates. I honestly believe that if you demand respect you will get it in return. Most mature men don’t care how long you hold out on sex, to them it’s more about what you have going on for yourself and whether or not they feel that they can build with you. If you have 4 kids, no job, live with your mother and you meet a guy…he invites you over and you end up in the horizontal polka…chances are he probably won’t respond to your “WYD” texts. If he responds it’s just to smash again. Don’t be delusional and think that you guys have a special connection. He connected and he’s done!

But you guys have to know that of course I know someone in this situation and she actually landed the guy!! Go figure! After one night of her golden panties, he moved her and her 4 kids in. I’ve slept with guys (ok it happened once, maybe twice) on the first night and they actually turned into relationships. I asked myself how would I feel if I slept with a guy the first night we hung out and he ignored me after? Vivere Senza Rimpianti ! (Live without regrets) I believe in this statement so much I got it tattooed on my back.If I chose to give you the panties it’s because I want to and for that I can’t be upset. If the guy loses respect or is not interested after then that’s his choice.

As adults we have to live with the consequences of our choices. I have friends that have had similar experiences as myself and I’ve had friends who after weeks of no response, are still texting, Instagramming, leaving voicemails, etc. Should they have held out? Would that have made a difference in whether or not the guys returned their calls? One of my close male friends admitted that he waited the 3 months but was sleeping with other women the entire time. Once he finally smashed he ended up breaking up with her because he said that the thrill was over and he was no longer interested. Either way I believe it depends on the individuals. You should only be intimate if you want to be and when you feel you are ready. Sex if not a guarantee of anything. Get to know the person and please use condoms. Too many babyshowers lately and not enough weddings!!!!

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