Why can’t men just keep it real?

I’m sitting here pissed off as my pink polished nails tap away angrily on my MAC. Why am I pissed? Well let me tell you! I’m tired of men not keeping it real. And no I’m not a man hating woman. And yes I know that women lie too, but it’s my blog and today I want to talk about lying men LOL!! The other night one of my friend’s was hurt by a lying man. I’m sure you guys are wondering why I’m so pissed because it’s between them. But the truth is when your family or friends are in pain you feel it and the fact that a dude and his “can’t keep it real ass” is the cause, makes me angry. My friend and Dude (just because I’m to angry to give him a name) are friends with benefits. They are not in a relationship. She got a huge promotion at work and we threw her a big party. Now dude knew about the party, all her family and friends know dude so we expected him to be there.

Dude has inserted himself into every facet of her life. He lets all his friends know she is “with him”. When we out he let’s it be known that she’s his boo. They share several mutual friends. Fast forward to the night of the party… all dude’s friends show up and dude didn’t. Where was dude? At some next chick’s birthday party. How do we know? Dude posted pics on every social media site that he has. I feel Dude didn’t keep it real because he tells her that he’s not seeing anyone else and he creates an illusion that they are in a relationship.

And yes my friend is at fault for feeding into that illusion, but why couldn’t he just keep it real. Say, Hey Gurl, we cool and all but I just wanna be f*&% buddies with benefits and nothing more. Why can’t he tell her I like what we’re doing but not enough to settle down and be with you. He tells her that she’s the only one that he’s sleeping with. Seriously? You’ve been “talking” for a year and you only seeing her yet you not ready to settle down? A male friend of mine once told me that a man will make you his woman on the first day of meeting you if he feels that you are the right one. Men don’t wait if you are Mrs Right.

There would be soooo many hurt feelings and angry words saved if dudes would just keep it real. If you just wanna have sex, say that up front. Why play games. Trust me, a woman decides as soon as she meets you whether or not she’s going to sleep with you. So all you have to do is say what you want. No need to fill her head up with fairytales and stories of unicorns. Now in no way am I saying that all women are like me. I value honesty. I’d rather hear what you’re really thinking over what you think I want to hear. I’m down to earth, a smart cookie, and willing to be fearless. So when you approach me just say what you really want. I may surprise you. BTW my friend wised up and kicked dude to the curb where he belong.

“Ladies just a reminder that there are better looking men out there with an extra inch than the one who’s playing games with you”….unknown

7 responses to “Why can’t men just keep it real?

  1. Facts. I don’t like a dishonest man. I can’t fault a man who tells you he just wants a “friend”, at least he’s being honest. Don’t lead a girl on, then hurt her feelings later. Be up front.

  2. You are so right. Life/friendships/relationships would be a bit easier if men kept it real. They don’t understand it takes away the woman’ right to choose to be/deal with someone. People lack the ability to communicate honestly.

  3. 100%! I’ve gone through the exact same thing. IDK why men think all women want to be lied to and deceived. Just say what you want from the beginning you never know she may want the same thing and if she doesn’t there are plenty out there that do.

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