“He’s my Husband…. but I’m not his Wife”!

As he presses send on that last “goodnight Babes” text, you’re smiling and thinking to yourself how much you love this man. You close your eyes and go to sleep with dreams of your next date/sex session. At the same time he rolls over and kisses the woman that he lives with, after slowly tucking his phone under his pillow. Just in case he slips and she grabs the phone, he just changed his lock pattern, so there’s no guessing for her.  You call him your man. All your friends and family know him or know of him. You on the other hand, are the other woman. The one that has met a few associates and the best bud/cousin. You are alright with playing your role because he treats you well. Some may say that you’re a slut, ho, homewrecker, but you dont care because the d*&% is good and the gifts are better. You’re in a full relationship with dude and are not currently dating anyone else. The bad part is this relationship is one sided. He can’t chose you. He has to much to lose. Child support is a bitch these days and his girl is a good girl. Being in a one sided relationship sucks. No matter how much you try to sugar coat the good that he does, is it really worth the pain of pretending? You tell yourself that he doesn’t love her, her p&%$# is wack, or she doesn’t know how to please him. You know that you’ll allow him access to your entire soul. There’s nothing that you wouldn’t or haven’t done for him. But besides good d%$* and gifts, what has he given you? The truth is he just wants to have his cake and eat it too. You helping him fulfill his fantasy. You giving it to him anyway and anywhere he wants and then there’s his wifey who he goes home to play house with.Why did you put yourself in this position? Better yet how do you get out of it? I know everyone’s thinking that you should  just leave! But sometimes it’s not that simple. Why not, you ask? Because I love “my husband” and I don’t want to let him go. I’m hopeful that he will realize what I bring to the tanle and leave her for me. What do you think?

6 responses to ““He’s my Husband…. but I’m not his Wife”!

  1. this is deep… true story to many, hard to answer. it’s based on the lies the guy is giving that many naive women fall victim to, they remain hopeful that their happy ever after will come true. To answer the question yes, the other woman knows better , but if the guy is giving her hope by feeding her lies she might be confused. **living in Charlotte ‘s Web*

  2. A lot of times the “other” woman knows better and wants to leave, but cannot. What she doesn’t know is that the reason why she can’t leave may not simply be the good d%$* or the gifts, but having slept with this man, she has made a soul tie. Soul ties are difficult to get out of and the individual may not recognize what it is. »It’s deeper than the surface.

  3. I know I could count on you two beautiful intelligent ladies to comment and be objective. Thank you for the love. Please share with ur friends and keep reading. I promise it’ll be worth the read.

  4. Where to start?? This situation is all too common. The other woman doesn’t want to let go because she knows the qualities of this man. She knows his worth and potential. She knows almost everything about him just like his wife does. She’ll do almost anything for him. She wants that same relationship for herself, hoping that one day he will leave his wife. The longer this goes on the harder it is to sever ties. The man pretty much has two wives. Why we do it? I have NFC (no f#*%ing clue). The only way I see it is that society accepts this on both parts. Women know that they’re the other woman and they’re fine with that. Men know that they have a wife and a mistress and that’s cool.. We grew up seeing our moms, dads, aunts, uncle, cousins etc. do the same damn thing.

    • Infidelity is more common than a common cold…its a part of human nature. People are unfaithful both men and woman the challenge is learning that its not right and its unacceptable. For many years I watched my family (mother, father, aunts & uncles) deal with this issue unfortunately its a cycle n can only be broken if all individuals make a conscious effort to stop unfortunately too many of us have a sweet tooth n want to bake our cake n eat, lick n suck it too! #winkwink

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